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Add a Mosque Locator to your website. Users can put in their zipcode and lookup the nearest mosques.
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Webmasters rejoice
We just turned you from a regular webmaster to a super webmaster. Do you manage the website for your local mosque, MSA or youth group? Just plug in the Mosque Locator widget in your website and become an instant hero. Seriously, your chances in the masjid election next month just shot through the roof.
Mosque Locator - Default Sizes
Default and minimum width for the Mosque Locator widget is 300px. You can specify your own width up to 500px.
Mini Map
You may also render the Mosque Locator with or without the Google Maps plugin. You may consider showing the result area if you are constrained with vertical space on your site. We are desis, we know exactly what vertical height constraint feels like.