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MuslimGuide - Unique user experience
Muslim Guide is an unique application which utilizes visuals and other non-traditional methods of interaction to provide user based information to each visitor.
Google Maps API - One of the best in the business
According to an article published in Jan 2008 by Hitwise analyst Heather Hopkins, traffic to Google Maps, and google map based applications, is up 135% from the same time last year and is up 7% in the past six months. The popularity and the ease of usage of Google Maps, combined with the vision and the usefulness of Muslim Map makes our site one of the best and most popular in its category.
Location based Advertisement
One of the functionality which makes Muslim Guide so unique, is its ability to promote Ads that are local to the user. Prices for local Ads are cheaper than the National ones, which means targetted audience for your business and some extra cash left in your wallet.
Customized Advertising Options
We can tailor your options based on your advertising needs and budgets. If there is a certain area of the page where you want your banner posted, contact us and we can provide a customized solution for you to fit your needs.
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